The Most Important Things

I used to be a procrastinater and a time waster.  Sometimes I still am.

One day I decided that I was tired of wasting time.  I was tired of letting the never ending day-to-day tasks and other things steal the best part of my days. I decided to start giving my mornings, the first fruit of my time, to the things that matter the most.

Change is not immediate or easy.  Making the decision to take charge of my time did not mean that I was magically happy to go to sleep at a reasonable hour and get out of bed early, or that I magically stopped wasting important moments of my day.  Change is hard, and lasting change takes awhile to ingrain.  When I first decided to stop wasting time, I needed to give myself plenty of grace and allow room for adjustments as I improved my habits. Reading this helpful series about making the most of my mornings was also a great motivator when I started to fall off track.

A large mindset change occured when I began striving to give the first fruits of my time to things that have lasting value - I found that productivity begats productivity.  When I start my morning by waking up before my children so I can accomplish a few important tasks in solutitude, I am refreshed and ready to take on my day.  Because of this, on most days I am able to attack my never-ending tasks with more vigor and I am more productive throughout the day.

Since I decided to stop wasting time, I’ve read a large portion of my Bible to myself, I started reading the Bible outloud to my children, I’ve written and published a book, which I’m slowly marketing, and I’ve made significant progress in decluttering my home. My other tasks still are still being accomplished as well.  Family members are bathed and fed, we have clean clothes to wear, schoolwork is completed each day, and hugs and kisses are plentiful.

“So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians 9:7, NKJV). God blesses our efforts, and just like money, when we generously give the first fruit of our time to what really matters, He makes sure there’s always enough, and He is pleased.

God created us for a purpose, and we all have amazing potential – we just have to decide to use it.

Note: Feeling overwhelmed and need a little encouragement?  Read my follow-up post here.



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