Caring for Others

Working through Fear

I’m honored to have guest-posted at Mimi’s House about Working through Fear. Here’s a snippet: I’m just going to come right out and admit it: I’m a scaredy cat. My husband jokes that I won’t take any risk unless the worst possible outcome is a two or less on a scale of one to ten….

Our Sunday is Coming

This week has been a whirl-wind. I’m tired, my kids are tired, my house is a bit of a mess, and I’m not completely sure if everyone has enough clean clothes for the weekend. I’ve been fighting weariness. But, yet, I hope. I wait. I went to a Ladies Day event in November and one…

Enjoy The Journey

I’ve written several posts about living intentionally and making the most of our time. I still agree with my other articles, but I also think it’s important to make sure that we still take time to slow down and just enjoy life. Today, let’s do something just to savor the moment. Melt broken crayons with…