FREE Printable – Bible verses to instill in the hearts of our children

I recently wrote a short article about why I’ve been focusing on particular Bible verses with my children (you can read that article here). In that post, I included a list of verses we can use in different situations with our kids.

After publishing that article, I decided it’d be neat to make a printable with the verses for easy reference. Lily (8) and I had so much fun playing with the colors that we didn’t just make one – we made four!

Here’s what I have for you:

A printable to use for boys (click here or click the photo to open the PDF):

One for girls
(click here or click the photo to open the PDF):


A gender neutral one (click here or click the photo to open the PDF):BibleVersesNeutralPhoto

And a black and white option (click here or click the photo to open the PDF):BibleVersesBWphoto
To tuck God’s Word into our children’s hearts, we have to first teach God’s Word.


My Favorite Planner: Giveaway! (Plus a link to free organizational printables)

NOTE: I’m not an affiliate for this product and no affiliate links are used in this post. I just want to pass along the word about an organizational product that I love as well as suggest a free alternative.

It’s no secret that I’m all about Living Intentionally, writing things down, and keeping a schedule (I’m one of those people who loves to feel spontaneous – as long as it’s carefully planned!).

Not just that, but I like to experience things in real life, not just touch them on a screen. I like to flip through paper books, receive real mail, smell real flowers, and go on real nature walks. There are some things that the Internet, the Wii, and e-mail just can’t duplicate. Plus, I really just need a little extra help in being on time again (you know, because I wrote a book about it and all…)

So, after a couple years of keeping a calendar solely on my phone, I decided that I really wanted a paper planner this year. I’m still planning on keeping appointments on my phone as well as in my planner, but I wanted a planner that had a weekly to-do list, some inspirational quotes, grocery list paper, a place to keep track of progress on my current goals, a little spot for menu planning, and I wanted it to be pretty.

I also wanted to find a planner that was laid out in a way that won’t make me feel overwhelmed and won’t take a lot of time to fill out.

That’s why I’m so excited about The Time Keeper. I had one a few years ago and used it often. It was perfect. Simple, thorough, small enough for my purse, large enough to have plenty of writing space. In my opinion, it’s the best balance of everything. (Go here to take a look inside if you’d like to see what I mean.)


When I went to buy The Time Keeper, I found that the main site was already sold out. Starla Kreider (the creator of this calendar) directed me to a website that still has a few calendars left. I was so excited that I ordered two. One for me. And one for one of you!

To enter the giveaway:

To enter to win one Time Keeper 2014 Household Planner, simply leave a comment on this post. A simple, “Hi” is plenty to let me know that you want to be entered, but I always love to hear more from my readers, so be as wordy as you’d like!

For extra entries:

Follow me on Pinterest, “Like” my page on Facebook, subscribe to my blog, or share any one of my blog articles on your Facebook wall. Leave one comment per thing you’ve done. You can simply say, “Following on Pinterest” or “Liked your Facebook page” or “Subscribed to your blog” or “Shared an article” (please tell me which article you shared!). You’ll receive one entry for each of these, for up to five entries total! NOTE: This will be done mostly on the honor system, except that I will check for verification that the winner did each thing they commented about.

For one more bonus entry:

Hop over to my Facebook page and “Like” the status about this post!

This giveaway will end at 11:59PM EST Saturday, January 11, 2014 and the winner will be announced on Monday (Jan 13).

For those of you who’d like free planning pages, check out these free downloads on The downloads include menu planning sheets, household management forms, weekly goal-planning sheets, and more! (Some of these are perfect to use in conjunction with my declutter series!)

P.S. I hope this week’s declutter assignments are going well for you! Let me know if you need extra tips or encouragement. I’ve gotten a few great organizational questions that I plan to answer in future blog posts, so keep asking away!


Free Printable for Facebook Fans!

Many of you know that I’ve written two eBooks. “28 Days to Timeliness: Tips and Confessions from a Semi-Reformed Late Person” is currently available for just $2.99 and “101 Time-Saving Tips for Busy Moms” is FREE to blog subscribers.

28DaysFinal 101TimeSavingTipsDavonneParksCover

A big theme throughout both books is to be intentional – we can’t always be on time or save a lot of time if we’re consistently squandering time. So, for a little daily reminder, I asked Joy from Five J’s Design to create an Intentional Living Subway Art printable that I could give to my readers.

I’m excited to announce the printable artwork is ready and it’s on my Facebook page! To receive your FREE printable, “Like” me on Facebook if you haven’t already, then click on the “Fans-Only Content” directly under the “Like” button. After that, just click on the image, then print it. Easy, peasy!

Intentional-LivingPrintableYou can print in color or black and white. I chose color.


If you’re excited about this little freebie, please help me spread the word by sharing this information with your friends!

Happy Monday!



“101 Time-Saving Tips for Busy Moms” Book Release!

Today’s the day!

In celebration of the first day of spring, I’m releasing my new eBook “101 Time-Saving Tips for Busy Moms” and offering it FREE to subscribers!

If you’ve already subscribed to my blog, the book should be in your e-mail! If you haven’t subscribed yet, go ahead and do so now – just make sure to click on the link in the activation e-mail you receive after you subscribe.

This is my first time offering an eBook to subscribers and I want to thank you in advance for your patience about any technical difficulties that may occur.

If there are any errors, issues, or difficulties, or if you’ve subscribed but didn’t receive my new book, please let me know! 101TimeSavingTipsDavonneParksCover

If you missed yesterday’s post, you can read the details about my new book here.

And if you’re new here, please take a few minutes to browse around! You can learn a little about me, read about my other eBook, and check out my featured posts. If you’re feeling discouraged and overwhelmed, I recommend reading this and this for a little encouragement.

Happy first day of spring!


Valentine Giveaway Winner!


The winner of the Valentine Goody Package for Her giveaway is Sherry Crossley!

Mrs. Crossley, you should receive an e-mail soon with details on how to  claim your prize.

And that’s not all!

To express my gratitude to everyone who entered my first giveaway, I’m going to give each of you one copy of 28 Days to Timeliness!

If you already own my book, feel free to give this copy away to someone else – you could give it to a friend or host a giveaway on your blog. I just need the first and last name, along with the e-mail address, of each recipient so I can send the book to the correct person!

Thank you to all who entered!


Valentine Giveaway!

ValentineGiveawayI’ve mentioned that I’m working on sharing this year, and today I’m excited to announce that I’m sharing something with my readers – my very first giveaway!

I happen to love Valentine’s Day, so I’m giving away a Valentine Goody Package for Her!

This package includes:

5 Magazines: Family Fun, Better Homes and Gardens, Christian Woman, Parents, and Martha Stewart Living (all of these are the current Valentine issues).

1 Book: “You’re Singing My Song: Keeping the Music in Your Marriage” by Glenn and Cindy Colley

4 Hot Chocolate Packets: 2 Rich Milk Chocolate, 2 French Vanilla
4 Fun Size M&M packs
4 Heart shaped vanilla snack cakes

TO ENTER: Leave a comment (either here or on my Facebook giveaway status) letting me know your favorite time-saving tips and you’ll receive one entry per tip!

SPECIAL NOTE: I would like ideas for time-saving tips because I’m working on a fun surprise for my readers that I’d love a little help with. In addition to being entered into this giveaway, contributors will be credited for any tips used!

This giveaway ends at 11:59PM EST on Saturday, January 26, 2013, and a winner will be announced on Monday.


Black Friday & Cyber Monday eBook Sale – Just $0.99 to anyone, or FREE if you post about it!

If you haven’t yet purchased a copy of my eBook, now is the time!

28 Days to Timeliness: Tips and Confessions from a Semi-Reformed Late Person is available for just $0.99 through Monday, November 26th!

As a bonus, I am offering a complimentary copy of my eBook to anyone who, by 11:59pm EST tomorrow (November 24th), blogs, tweets, or makes a Facebook status about this deal and links to my sales page.

If you participate, please make sure to e-mail me with a direct link to your post so that I know to send a free copy of 28 Days to Timeliness to you.

And it just gets better – if you take a couple of minutes to sign up as an affiliate before posting about my book, you will earn 25% in affiliate shares! Go here for details.

After Monday, my book will go back up to the normal price of $4.99, so make sure to get this deal while you can!

Thank you!


$47 Kindle Publishing How-To Kit FREE through November 1!

Do you want to write a book, but are a little overwhelmed by the publishing process? Maybe this will help you!

Through next Thursday, November 1st, Jeff Goins is offering his $47 “How to Start Publishing for Kindle” kit for FREE.

From Goins’ website:

This program includes three complimentary gifts:

1.A step-by-step guide to the Kindle publishing process

2.An hour-long audio session with me, in which I share everything you need to know to get started

3.An exclusive interview with best-selling author and publishing expert Michael Hyatt

Go here for more details and to sign up for your kit!


Free Printable: Snowman Soup Poem

Earlier this week I posted a recipe to a “soup” that we enjoy making every fall/winter. Below is a free printable of the poem we use for our favorite way to drink the snowman soup (AKA: hot chocolate)! Just click the image below to open the printable as a PDF.

You can color the snowman’s accessories if you’d like. We like using fancy scissors when cutting these, but regular scissors will also do the trick!

UPDATE: United Kingdom Version


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