Family PicSmallI’m Davonne Parks, a Christian author and homeschool mom living in North-Eastern Kentucky with my husband, Nathan, and our two daughters, Lily and Grace.

Here are a few other things about myself:

  • I’m an organizational decluttering junkie, and when I run out of things to get rid of at my own house, I make my friends let me come over so I can “help them” get rid of their extra stuff. (As we fill donation bags they tell me I’m intense and I tell them they’ll thank me some day!)
  • I believe that some of life’s richest moments happen when we embrace the beauty of imperfection as we extend grace to ourselves and others.
  • I try desperately hard to be on time but I’m really only a semi-reformed late person.
  • I also desire to live fully in each moment as I learn to make the most of my time and use my talents for God, but I’m far from perfect and I still spend too much time on my phone.

I hope my blog is an inspiration to you as we learn together how to practice Intentional Living. If you only read one article on my entire blog, read this one – I promise it’ll be worth your time.